Uricchios Trattoria

Uricchios Trattoria

Truffles – The Italian Delicacy – Part 3


This restaurant and wine bar in Rome has a more modern feel to it. Its monochrome interior purveys style and class and those sitting down to dine here will know that their menu continues this idea. With freshly sourced seafood that includes an abundance of lobster, guests will no doubt feel elated with the choice here. What puts life on the list on top of all of this is its tasting menus. With three appetizers two courses and a dessert, these set selections give guests a stress free dining experience as all the meals have been prepared, selected and paired with drinks by leading professionals already, allowing you to sit back and enjoy. The star here is their black Truffle menu, starting with a beef fillet and duck breast and complimenting with black truffle and a selection of jams with figs and honey, immediately your truffle experience skyrockets. Then the parmesan cream and black truffle filled ravioli comes by followed by a potato pie, more beef and more truffle.

Osteria Barberini

Also in Italy’s capital is Osteria Barberini which has a classic Italian atmosphere thanks to its modestly furnished halls and swing background music. Don’t be fooled by the quaint nature of the décor here though, their truffle menu is incredible. Labeled the King Truffle Menu, no one can argue once they set their eyes and salivating mouths on the available dishes here. with both the more widespread black and rare and exotic white truffle on the menu, guests wanting to try the very best will feel at home. Careful not to overpower the astounding flavour of the truffle the chefs here keep things simple, try black truffle with a fillet of beef and procini mushrooms, try it with meatballs, lovingly whipped into some scrambled egg or simply on bruschetta. The white comes with fish fillet, rice, fettucine or again with eggs, this time accompanied by 30 month parmesan. Make your way here for an unadulterated taste of both truffle varieties.

Savini Tartufi

The thing with truffles is that they go bad very quickly, as they degrade in the same way that all perishable food items do so does the tastes and of course the price. This is why locations closest to the their origins are going to have the best truffles, and this is why Florence, capital of the Tuscany region has so many great restaurants with the best truffle selections. Savini Tartufi is one of those. With their whole aesthetic based around ‘bringing you into the woods’, this beautifully rustic location serves truffle tasters well. With the ability to add fresh black truffle to the majority of their menu items, this truffle outlet has to be visited. With hunger inducing treats like shrimp tartare, Mullet ravioli with hazelnuts and Pecorino Romano and scallops with pods already making your visit worthwhile, adding the distinct woody thump of black truffle causes them to reach astronomical flavour proportions. Unlike many of the destinations here you can even partake in truffle along with your dessert as their Tiramisu with Truffle will leave your taste buds with a final flavour you wont want to replace.