Uricchios Trattoria

Uricchios Trattoria

Truffles – The Italian Delicacy – Part 2

So you may not be particularly excited by the idea of trampling through the cold woods, rifling through leaves and dirt with the high possibility that you will return empty handed. That’s perfectly okay. If you want to let somebody else do the hard work and simply want to delve into the bold and complex flavours that are tightly woven into every bump on a truffle, you are in luck. Fully aware of their local delight and in prefect range to provide the freshest taste experience, many restaurants in Italy have a prominent place on their menus for truffles. If the idea of once again having to hunt is already exhausting you, look no further than this list of some of the best and varied restaurants that put truffles on their well-deserved pedestal and deliver it straight to your taste buds.


With their base set up in Florence since 1885, this fine establishment parades its truffle innovations with great grandeur, with another store open in Milan. Take a seat at its Bistro to get an unforgettable lunch where they have paired the iconic taste of truffles with foods of equal flavoursome impact and decadence. Their traditional paninis come in a selection of combinations; a salty bite of prosciutto crudo and a smooth truffled artichoke cream, the distinct twang of sea salted anchovies and truffles, and for those who want to double up on their high class bites there is foie gras with truffles. This gourmet spread allows visitors to indulge in some of the most exquisite foods, prepared by chefs who have been making them for years, but the joy doesn’t and at the table here. Procacci also has a famous shop which means customers can take some of these unforgettable flavours home along with other unquestionably Italian delights. Here you can leave with a bagful of extra virgin olive oil, truffles in butter and sauces, pates, jams and more, so prepare to empty your wallets if you visit here.

La Bussola

This pizzeria and wine bar also in Florence chooses its ingredients wisely, and they are so fresh that their menu holds a disclaimer about the variations depending on season, which can only mean that their handpicked ingredients really are the real deal. Famed for their Pizza Toscana menu, which is home to ingredients from Tuscany only, the regions favourite fungal fruit is not far from sight. Here you can get stuck into a duo of Italian eats all in one go – truffle and pizza. Though their selection is petite, their menu holds a mouth watering selection of cheeses and wild boar salami, but the star of the show here comes in two variants. Either get a sheep cheese pizza with fine shreds of shaved truffle on top, or try their half aged truffle sheep cheese pizza topped with goose salami for a rich melted mouthful that gives you a thin meaty bite too. Those eager to try the local ingredients will be keen to wash down all of this with a selection of Italian beers.