Uricchios Trattoria

Uricchios Trattoria

More to Milan – Part 3

Milan Has Culture

This almost goes without saying as the city has become synonymous with style as the emerging generations continue its legacy as a hub of what’s cool and what’s not. This isn’t a recent creation though as you may guess by the sheer amount of expensive and decadent buildings, statues and living areas that make up this busy city. One of the places that shows the opulence of past residence is its opera house.

The Teatro alla Scala, or often more simply La Scala, is a celebrated destination for stage shows that has was first opened before the 1800’s when it showcased Europa Riconosciuta in 1778. Since then it has been the prime location for the latest and greatest Operas of the given time, lending its stage also to ballet, live symphonies and high flying rope and balance acts. The building itself looks impressive enough from the outside with its imposing pale façade, yet the main theatre space indoors really gives away just how high class this place is. Seating just over 2000 people the circular tiers of gold brandished stone and red velvet seating has the air of a truly regal event space.

You will also find many different sides to Milan in its various spaces and districts that include their own particular style and sensibility all with a microcosm of likeminded people. For example, the Parco Sempoine is a lovely green open space where thousands come weekly to unwind in nature a little. Here you will find people soaking in the sun, lounging on the grass or taking part in some light exercise amongst the pathways, sculptures, ponds and trees. Quite differently there is the Naviglio Grande, one of Milan’s two canals that is less celebrated than its peer. Here you can wander up and down alongside the water and casually take in the old buildings and the new eateries and stores that have popped up afterwards.  The Brera district is the opposite of this, a modernised area where the classic narrow streets are home to a younger crowd. Here brand new restaurants and cutting edge fashion boutiques appear alongside swanky bars and modern galleries. It’s a fascinating sample of what a more 21st century Milan feels like as the area is packed with budding artists and future pioneers in textiles. Milan’s association with fashion is of course part of its culture now and shoppers will love diving into the very diverse looking boutiques, and perusing modernised mini malls that sit underneath classic Italian architecture.

Milan it seems has many variations of the same theme; it is as a whole something modern atop of something historic. From the new wave of artists and designers who come to best their predecessors, to the dedicated folk who live to preserve the works of the greats by reconstructing what once was, to the layers and layers of time and effort that went into the creation of the Milan cathedral. Milan is a series of more modern sensibilities with the historical heart still very much accessible underneath, meaning this is a fantastic destination for lovers of the old and of the new.