Uricchios Trattoria

Uricchios Trattoria

More to Milan – Part 1

Of the several most popular destinations in Italy; Milan is one that always makes the top of the list. Despite the historical and cultural pulls that bring people from all over the globe to see the remaining structures of Rome or take a trip down the romanticized canals of Venice, Milan still holds up. This is largely because of its modern appeal, as a host to many contemporary events and pastimes, Milan has become the fashion central of Europe, but this doesn’t mean that there isn’t something for everyone here.

Milan Has Buildings

The skyline of this place is speckled with shapes and designs you wouldn’t usually see in a modern city. Many of the older structures make a significant floor level of arches and tapered church rooftops, while the downtown district now holds a handful of skyscrapers. But even the large corporate buildings here aren’t all standard cubes of glass and metal. The highest object piercing the clouds is the Unicredit Tower, a cylindrical ellipse of a building that even has its own spire that emanates from its roof as if paying homage to the style and heritage of the buildings that surround it.

However, few people are heading to Milan to look at these buildings, they want some architectural feats of history and they aren’t upset when they arrive either. First of there is the very intact Sforza Castle. After several restorations the grounds now show what the castle looked like in the 1600’s despite it being first constructed in the late 1300’s. This is not an uncommon event for castles many of which do not resemble the past designs at all, the Sforza however almost faced being converted into a different building entirely. Thanks to people with its best interests in mind and the work of the locals who helped restore it, you can visit it in all its glory. Today its main structure, the large square surround that still encompasses the interior is still in great condition. The inner quarters have several tiered rooms and also have an open garden area that attracts many.

Another huge draw to Milan for lovers of architecture and design is of course the Duomo Di Milano – The Milan Cathedral. This unforgettable piece of design is the worlds fourth largest church and is not only enormous but has the most mind bogglignly complex exterior you may aver see on a building. Unsurprisingly this shocking and often hard to focus on mix of arches, cutaway patterns, arabesques and statues took an incredible amount of time to complete, in fact it took over 600 years. Its an absolutely breathtaking feat that is hard to imagine could ever be bested, and inside it doesn’t lack either. From the tall stained glass at the rear to the immense columns and the exquisite tiled floors that stretch its remarkable floor space, there is so much to see here you aren’t going to want to rush. Make sure you have plenty of room on your camera for this one as the life-size carvings, unique perspectives and endless miniature works of art are everywhere here. This place is a piece of art history that shows the style and talent of over half a century of great creators.