Uricchios Trattoria

Uricchios Trattoria

Italy’s Natural Wonders – Part 3

Maddalena Archipelago – Sardinia

This group of islands that spring from the edge of the already land liberated Sardinia make for an amazing day out or an ideal destination for your entire holiday. Consisting of seven main islands and sprouting several smaller ones this cluster of beautiful little specks of land quickly whisk you away to a paradise. Thanks to its white granite sands and heart stopping crystal clear waters, no matter which island you pick here you can’t help but relax in the sub tropic haven that is created here. what’s even better for nature lovers here is that the area is protected and so the wildlife that are native to this area are free to roam, meaning the human influence here is nowhere near as destructive as other spots in Italy. Enjoy the blissful waters with the fish and the beaches with the handful of reptiles and birds as you enjoy every moment here.

Scala dei Turchi – Sicily

This natural wonder is thanks once again to the movement of water over centuries and also to the specialised type of rock that lies underneath this area of Italy. The Stair of the Turks (which is what the name translates to from Italian) is a huge formation of white rock that stretches out into the sea, the reason it is so iconic is because of the steady layers of ‘steps’ that have been created in its cliff face. These huge layers form rings around the edges of this bright and pale mountainous knife that cuts into the water. It is a marvel to behold and on sunny days the surface here really glows, which means you will want to bring sunglasses to avoid the intense glare. You can easily come and visit the spot here as the rock is flanked by small beaches on either side, allowing you to take a dip in the turquoise waves once you have made your way up to the peak and back again.

Langhe – Piedmont

This place is kind of a hybrid between nature and man made ingenuity. The area of Langhe is well known for the food that comes from its crops here. Thanks to the many fields that grow all types of foods that become part of so many Italian dishes, lots of tourists travel here to get an unfiltered taste of the gastronomic feats that are achieved. However, the hills here have not been culled of their natural charm completely and retain much of their wonder and of course much of their colour. From the right spots here, green is the only colour you can see for miles around, from the trees and bushes full of life to the vivid grasses soaking up the lie giving sun. If you want to see some Italian countryside this is a spot you won’t want to miss, meanwhile you can stay in the town atop of the valleys and get a fantastic view of the lands below and the distant mountains. If great family made food is a side effect of visiting here, it is truly a welcome one.