Uricchios Trattoria

Uricchios Trattoria

Italy’s Natural Wonders – Part 2

Lake Como – Lombardy

This wondrous natural lake was formed by melting waters of glaciers hundreds of years ago, now you can marvel at the magnificent beauty of this place at your leisure. The lake forms a kind of upside down ‘Y’ shape and stretches out alongside several small towns that all sit lakeside. Depending on what you want to do here the lake offers a series of activities and many different ways for you to soak in its beauty. If you want to hop from one town to the next it’s a great way to experience the communities amongst the water. Ferries regularly take people from one place to the next allowing you to sail across the majestic water over and over. You can also visit the many lakeside villas which offer great lengths of walkable gardens where you can enjoy even more good stuff from Gaia. Villa Carlotta is one of the most popular ones with extensive crafted gardens, an on site museum and a gift shop and café. If you really want a good look at the span of Lake Como then you are going to need to ride the cable car. The Funicolare Como Brunate take you from Como town skyward giving you the best view of the waters from all around, this aerial view can also give you a grasp of where to stop by next in your trip around the lake.

Thermal Baths – Saturnia

Just like the lake, mother nature herself has crafted features around Italy that we as modern day humans can really enjoy, hot springs are a perfect example of something we can benefit from hugely without having to make any alterations. Thanks to cracks in the earths crust around this region many releases of hot water make their way to the surface. What makes the ones in Saturnia so unique is that the combination of erosion and hot springs have created a waterfall of mineral dense, earth heated waters that are perfect for people to go and relax in. Once thought to be the very place where Jupiter’s thunderbolt struck the ground, opening up a schism all the way to the underworld, we know that the somewhat eggy smell that emanates from this area is the sulphur from below. This element mixed in with the other good stuff that comes from these waters all combine to make a heated therapy bath that can do everything from helping your muscles relax to aiding digestion. If you really get encapsulated by the relaxation that these pools of water bring on then you will be glad to know there are resorts and spas very close by where you can continue your decompression. The good thing about the Baths is that the conditions here are natural and the area is free to visit which cannot be said for the treatments you will get elsewhere. Because of this however the area does get crowded and peak times occur from midday to 2pm and from 6pm to 8pm, so if you want true calm you may want to plan around this to get some real bliss.