Uricchios Trattoria

Uricchios Trattoria

Italy’s Natural Wonders – Part 1

Its no surprise that the country of Italy entices people from all over the planet to come and spend time within its borders. With a rich culture built around a beautiful backdrop of natural wonder, the mere sight of the place is enough to hook many. Although there are several man made sights to marvel at here, Italy is home to wonderful water ways, homely hills and of course massive mountains. If you are more a fan of natural beauty Italy has several significant features just for you, thee are the things you are going to want to tick off your list.

The Blue Grotto – Capri

This strange phenomenon that happens because of a trick of the light has captivated people for many years. In the past sailors steered clear of this place because they believed bad spirits were responsible for the magic aura that appears in this place, today however we have an explanation. The Blue grotto is simply a small cave in the coast of Capri, you would likely not notice it if it wasn’t for the lines of small boats waiting to head into it. Once inside the narrow mouth of the rocks, something strange happens and the waters beneath glow a mystical blue. This mesmerising and completely natural illusion occurs thanks to sunlight entering the waters from an opening in the caves and thus funnels in light underwater while filtering out the red light of the spectrum. What results is a fascinating deep blue colour that is oddly comforting and well worth a visit even though the tour is brief.

Stromboli – Sicily

Many of Italy’s great foods come from crops reared on healthy mineral rich volcanic soil. From olives to tomatoes many of the country’s best produce arrives thanks to their proximity to volcanoes. Obviously, this has backfired throughout history as the very true and tragic story of Pompeii illustrates, these mammoths of nature are not entirely safe. However, thanks to modern day equipment and a better understanding of how the fiery contents of the earth works, a safer expedition up volcanoes can commence. Stromboli is one of the most visited and better accessible of the cluster in Italy, the famous Vesuvius remains fairly quiet day to day while Mount Edna is unmistakably dangerous, leaving this in a prime spot for tourists. Heading up to the summit is no cakewalk however and tours can easily last over 6 hours, so prepare for an entire day out. The Italian sun does not relent at higher altitudes either so make sure you have plenty of water and protection, don’t just tack on the tour to your day at a whim. With the necessary safety stuff aside climbing up here will reward you with stunning views of the entire area that will make for unforgettable memories and perfect camera fodder. The best part is that Stromboli is a crowd pleaser and a couple of the craters will perform by momentarily throwing up streams of fiery magma into the air, something you wont ever forget.