Uricchios Trattoria

Uricchios Trattoria

Italy’s Incredible Mountains – Part 3

For Rafters

The clear waters that trickle down the surface of the mountains here develop in to fast flowing rivers which makes them a great location for water sports. There are several rafting clubs up and down the Dolomites where beginners can get orientated on calmer waters and pros can head right into the white-knuckle rapids. You will be provided with all the equipment you need, primarily consisting of a helmet, a life jacket, a paddle and of course the dinghy you will ride in. You won’t be rafting alone so don’t worry if you aren’t an instant expert, groups of up to eight people can jump in a single dinghy and take on the water together.

For Skiers

Mountains and skiing go together perfectly and the Dolomites are no different, in fact they offer some of the best skiing opportunities on the globe. The beautiful snow covered slopes here are home to many different resorts which each have their own defining features, peaks and views. The problem here is that there are so many great resorts here that skiers may struggle to pick just one and therefore wish to resort hop. Luckily there is no reason for this to ruin your trip, thanks to the incredible Dolomiti Superski ski carousel, this network of over four hundred different lifts will carry you to the tops of as many slopes as you will ever need and connect you to twelve different resorts – and all you need is a single pass. This intuitive and vast interconnected system is the finest in the world and means that you can ski to your hearts content on these blissful mountains.

For Everyone

This isn’t everything the Dolomites have to offer, depending on where you stay you can enjoy your own specific brand of holiday here with as many bells and whistles as you like. The Hotel Olympia has 3-star accommodation where you can get cozy after a day on the slopes. With their indoor pools and saunas you can play and relax in the warmth or if outside is warm enough even have a few holes of golf. On the other hand, if you really want a more rustic retreat, during the more mild months there are mountain huts or alpine cabins available. Here you can stay sheltered in a more secluded atmosphere that really makes you feel like you live amongst the snowy peaks and ascended fields.

Wherever you choose to stay make sure to check out all the features nearby since these mountains are densely packed with wonder and surprising features. Take the Messner Mountain Museums for example, a series of six different Museums in the region, two of which are nestled high up in the mountains for an unexpected cultural and learning experience somewhere you really wouldn’t expect. There is so much more to the Dolomites than simply the activities here, the serene and naturally beautiful surround and astounding scope will have you awestruck all on its own. It remains a treasure of Italy that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves.