Uricchios Trattoria

Uricchios Trattoria

Italy’s Incredible Mountains – Part 2

For Bikers

In early July an annual bike race begins at the village of Villabassa where the South Tyrol Dolomiti Superbike commences. This is the most physically demanding race that takes place in the Dolomites bringing over three thousand expert cyclists to the region to tackle over one hundred kilometers of road, rock and gravel and ascend thousands of metres into the sky. Although many who come here for a cycling getaway aren’t at the fitness level required to compete here, it still makes it an expert training ground for those who aspire to something as intense as this.

The Latemar circuit is a grueling but rewarding ride that will test your stamina and will power. This track takes you over hundreds of metres in both length and altitude that will make your muscles ache and your skin sweat. Despite the stamina and leg power needed to keep going on this circuit the reward is not just in your increased endurance. The sweeping views you will see on this ride are gorgeous, a panoramic of the mountains, the woodlands and lakes below will make it all worthwhile as you pass through the varied states of the Dolomites. Similarly, if you are determined to get your adrenaline coursing there is the Plose Single Trail. This one is for mountain bikers, because you will definitely need suspension and a sturdy, robust ride for this high speed downhill circuit. With maddening curves and daredevil jumps, this route will have you descending almost a thousand metres in less than an hour as you hurtle downwards into the valley on this exciting and heart stopping ride that is not for amateurs.

If all of this high action, high strain talk is making you think twice, about biking here you will be happy to know that there are also much more laid back circuits that are suitable for calmer riders and families. The Dobbiaco is a much shorter ride that comes in at about two hours. Here there may be a few parts where you will need to put in a bit of work to keep going, but most beginner-mid range cyclists will be able to handle this route, which once again takes you on a tour of the area. Here you will ride along the valley as the incredible mountains flank your sides, you will head through blissful meadows and past the three peaks as you cycle the track of an old railway. The Pustertal cycle path is however the ideal route for easy family rides. If you ride the full length, which is just over a hundred kilometers, you can be riding over seven hours, but luckily you can call it a day whenever thanks to the train, which runs parallel to the route. This allows you to take a break whenever you see fit or simply return to your start point once your cycling has commenced. Expect smooth paths, tiny inclines and gorgeous fields on this relaxing open-air ride. No matter which route you choose, you won’t be disappointed by the bountiful outdoors and breathtaking views of the Dolomites.