Uricchios Trattoria

Uricchios Trattoria

Italy’s Incredible Mountains – Part 1

When most people think of the landscape of Italy they imagine the steady waters of Venice or rolling green hills full of trees, but one part of this country’s great natural landmarks is it’s mountainous regions. Of course, the iconic and angry Mount Vesuvius pops up from time to time but the wonderful peaks of Italy are otherwise often forgotten. People have been scaling these enormous rocky structures since the thirteen hundreds which makes you wonder why they aren’t more popular. Maybe its because Italy has so much to offer that its many other features overshadow the magic of the mountains, but once you discover a fantastic getaway like the Dolomites, its hard to think about anywhere else.

In the northeast of Italy the Dolomites, or the Pale Mountains as they are often referred to because of their light colour, make for a beautiful and fun packed journey for groups of any size. Whether you are a rock climbing pro or an absolute travel novice, this place makes for an unforgettable destination all year round. If you are keen to break a sweat in a way you never have before here you can take part in all manner of activities that will get your blood pumping and then marvel at the grandeur of the mountains when you are done.

For Hikers

First up of course is hiking, and upon these vast Italian mountains is the option to take various levels of hikes, whether you are up for a relaxing steady stroll or an extreme race to the peaks. Brenta Dolomites in Trentino are full of greenery and contain sloping plains of bold grasses as well as rocky peaks. Here the secluded and beautifully turqoise waters of Lake Tovel will stop you in your tracks, urging you to unwind and breathe in the gorgeous natural views. There are also several nature parks up in the mountains. These areas provide sites where you can leisurely make your way through all the different habitats up high. Wander past waters trickling down the mountains as the ice from the peaks slowly melt away, see the diversity in flora and
fauna as you encounter animals big and small from butterflies to the cows that graze on the surprising alpine pastures thousands of feet above sea level.

The main attraction here however is the three peaks. This very distinctive trio of vertical rock formations is a breathtaking sight of nature and make for a favourite destination of those who choose to visit the dolomites. Climbers will love the mountains here too and the three peaks make a perfect finishing climb to round of your adventure here. The remarkable views from this high up alone will make the trek worthwhile, whether you conquer the peaks or not, and since this such a well visited site there are several habitable locations near by including a hotel and resort. Hiking trails here have durations from two to over five hours, which make for entire days where you can bask in this incredible environment.