Uricchios Trattoria

Uricchios Trattoria

Italian Coffee – Why and Where – Part 2

Caffe Quaddri

Set among the center of St Mark’s square in Venice is this exquisitely decorated café. Like many of the bars in Italy places that serve great coffee also serve great food, and Café Quaddri is one of those places. The style of this place is key to its success though, its interior which is lavishly covered in chandeliers, intricately patterned framed paintings and wooden furnishings looks like that of a mansion. Guests can sit in here or out in the open where passersby move through the square where live orchestras often play. This makes for a fantastic place to enjoy your classical coffee at night with a meal or at lunch while the sun illuminates the beauty here both in and out.

Antigua Tazzadoro

In Rome this coffee shop manages to tow the line of both classical and modern with its wooden and statuesque look that all remains profoundly glossy. Its Caribbean logo and design comes from the fact that this company prides itself on its ingredients. Some of its blends also incorporate their sources by tribute such as the Queen of The Caribbean blend and their Jamaican Blue Mountain. Also on their list of coffee that is available in cans, bags and drinkable at the counter is their Queen of Sheba mix. These beans hail from Yemen which is where historically one of the first coffee plantations first came into being, with a very mixed cultural consciousness the coffee house that the pantheon has tapped these original coffee farm to provide an ancient and balanced blend. The Maragogype bean is also on offer here in their mix of the same name, this peculiar oversized bean is applauded and well recognised amongst its Arabian kin, with a floral aroma and a vibrant spiciness this is one worth trying. The vast shop here gives the opportunity for coffee lovers to take home many of their varieties in beans or even pods, with their branded mugs also available to purchase, those feeling glum about returning home can relive the taste of Italy in their dining rooms.

Caffe Mexico

Last but not least is the much loved café in Naples. Though its relation to Mexico is likely to remain entirely in its name and possibly where a fraction of their beans have been sourced in the past, this place remains one of the best reviewed places to grab a coffee in the country – and not just by tourists but by locals too. Usually packed with people from the area who have made this their go to coffee house, the fun and vibrant orange vibes in here are ready to wake you up even before you taste a sip. With stellar baristas whose skill and light speed puts Costa staff to shame, the simplest of coffee here always delivers. Served in preheated cups which should be avoided at first due to their scalding capabilities, the espressos here give customers exactly what they want. A bold, rounded and intensely strong coffee wallop makes for a morning mouthful you wont forget. Make this a place on your stop if you want to sample some Italian strength.