Uricchios Trattoria

Uricchios Trattoria

Islands of Italy – Part 2

We have previously covered 5 mesmerizing islands of Italy. However, because there are more than just those which are on Italy coast, let’s swim to other shores to see more beautiful attractions surrounded by the clear blue water.


Island in the Bay of Naples, the most glamorous of all islands mentioned before. It has reputation of a summer playground for the rich and famous people. There are more cities than just Capri and Anacapri, Blue Grotto is stunning sea caves which is the only has turquoise water.  Main town greets with maze of little streets and public square of Piazza Umberto, it is also called Piazzetta which is always full of people. Second town Anacapri is more peaceful, less things to do, but still relaxing places like restaurants with great food. Last think to visit in Capri is Faraglioni with unique rock formations.

La Maddalena

The location of this archipelago is very convenient, it is on the northeastern coast of Sardinia and consists of seven islands. People mostly come for beaches because shores reminds them Caribbean coasts. But there is more than water to see here. Ruins, sailing trips and romantic atmosphere is the perfect summer holiday combination. Town is really thriving with elegant shops, small cafes and high-quality restaurants full of traditional local delicacies.


Island is surrounded by 3 seas and architecture is just stunning which reflects of ancestors who lived here ages ago and conquerors who passed through.  It is the largest in Meditarrean Sea and no one can dare to argue that is the most beautiful too.  Everything that nature can offer is here: mountains, beaches, wildlife, flowers and herbs which fills air with aroma that you never felt before. Couple recommended destinations on the island are cities of Syracuse, Palermo, Taormina, Agrigento and well as Etna – the highest volcano in Europe.


Italy has 3 active volcanoes and one of them is on this island. It is part of Aeolian Islands and located on Tyrrhenian sea on the north part of Sicily. Stromboli is very small and not popular among tourists because there are just a couple beaches and no nightlife here. But let’s take into account the unique thing that is black lava beach which is open for swimming and tanning enthusiasts; and close to it there is another island called Strombolicchio which is a paradise for diving.


Teeny tiny island is in the Gulf of Naples. On every corner of Procida there is a harbor. Houses are all ranges of pastel colors and, of course, the beaches are stunning. It is peaceful here and it’s located in a very fortunate place, as Capri and Ischia are nearby. So, you can relax here and by a short boat tide visit other islands. Procida, because of its ambience, was a star of couple of Oscars winning movies like The Postman (Postino) and “The Talented Mr. Ripley”. It is small compared to other islands, but still charming. And once you are in Italy, visit spots like Marina di Corricella which is gull of yachts, restaurants and is on the harbor with a view to the sea. Another marvelous place is medieval town Terra Murata.