Uricchios Trattoria

Uricchios Trattoria

Islands of Italy – Part 1

Italy is breathtaking, but most of its charm can be found in and represented by its islands. Beaches, resorts, volcanoes, historic ruins and cities – everything is there on magnificent shores. So now we will try to lay down some of those beauties, and hopefully it will inspire you to see them for yourselves.


This island is famous for a harbor where Napoleon was exiled to in 1814. It is the most popular in Tuscan Archipelago region. This island is just one big beach retreat and perfect escape from concrete jungle. Just don’t expect just boring peace and quiet. There are a lot of physical activities and bars which are going to entertain visitors from early morning to late night. This part of Archipelago is a protected marine park. It is no surprise that diving and snorkeling is the most popular activity. You can also do climbing, windsurfing or mountain biking, don’t forget local cuisine.


It is the one that everybody is talking about because of how beautiful and vibrant the island is. Sardinia is the 2nd largest island in Mediterranean region. Food tastes heavenly, culture is offering itself for you to experience, that’s why it is such a seductive destination. From the most glamorous Costa Smeralda to the ruins and little hidden towns. Island has a strong identity, it is nor African nor Italian, but something unique. It would be unfair to list any particular places to visit because every corner needs to be explored. Here are just couple suggestions: La Pelosa beach, Costa Verde, Town of Alghero, Dunes of Piscinas and archaeological site of Tharros.


This tiny and very exclusive island is in the Aeolian Archilepago, on the north coast of Sicily. You won’t be able to find any traffic system or other developments that are common for today. Island is the favorite among those who want a getaway from life. The Bulgari family often have holidays there. Couple of beaches with spectacular view, picturesque lanes and whitewashed houses – chic, sophisticated and barefoot paradise.


Pelagie islands consists of 3 islands, and this is the largest one. Crystal clear sea, white sand beaches and wilderness around, this is a place for hiking because of rocky landscapes, sheer cliffs and the view of azure waters.  The beach – that is a must visit- is called Spiaggia dei Conigli and is a natural reserve.  Island shares a name with a town which’s main street lined with palms and called ‘via Roma’; you will find shops, cafes and restaurants there. It is little piece of Africa, but in the middle of Mediterranean. Lovely destination for sea lovers.


This island is famous for its landscapes and thermal springs because it lies in the Gulf of Naples and is enclosed by blue waters of Tyrrhenian sea. The most visited object is Aragonese castle in which center you can find elegant boutiques and numerous bars. Second place with picturesque surroundings is town of Forio. You can do everything there from shopping to clubbing to fine dinning experience. Please visit Poseidon gardens with pools and other water relaxing activities and fishing village of Sant Angelo for villas and gardens on the postcard-perfect shores.