Uricchios Trattoria

Uricchios Trattoria

Home of Pizza – Part 2

Pizzeria da Albert – Trento

This highly sought-after place is reassuringly modern while keeping all the great classical aspects right at hand, this tasteful and functional place manages to optimise the old while keeping the tradition of pizza making fully intact. With their fine ingredients and skilled kitchen staff, the pizza here is notably worth a journey. As you may notice when you start your pizza tour of Italy, there is no double pepperoni Americanised options on the menu (though anchovy lovers will find the infamous salty fish here), which is a great sign that you are dining somewhere authentically Italian. Expect combinations of fresh basil leaves, sweet Gorgonzola cheese, finely cut slices of spicy salami topped with plenty of Parmigiano Reggiano of course. All of these great ingredients are finely spread atop a fine tomato pulp made with love in the kitchens and then cooked to a perfect temperature to allow the dough to come out with the perfect browning and texture. Visitors will not be disappointed.

Pizzarium Bonci – Rome

Spearheaded by author, chef and gastronomic giant Gabriel Bonci, who has among many other praises been hailed as Italy’s Michelangelo (not the Turtle) of pizza, this is the place to come if you want to try the cutting edge of what Italy has to offer. The first thing you should know about the pizza here is that everything from the dough to the last topping is a science for this guy and as such nothing goes amiss. The dough itself, often overlooked outside of Italy as simply the improvised plate for all the tasty things to be stacked upon, and even more so a suitably holder to aid cramming them into a mouth. This of course is not the case here, not just because most pizza places expect you to eat your pizza with a knife and fork, but because the dough here is made with great effort, affection and is somewhat of a star on its own, the Pizzarium believes this strongly. Using Bonci’s incredibly yummy slow rise dough to make a chunky but tender base, nothing about the pizza here is bland. Unlike the restaurants or takeaway places elsewhere with either full or evenly sliced offerings, the way it works here is Pizza al taglio – which means pizza by the cut. Here you choose the size of your slice (as you poorly gauge your appetite) and the price is decided by weight, which turns out to be pricier than you might expect thanks to the lavish toppings. These things are giant dough rectangles coated in select ingredients that include stacks of shrimp, piles of peppers, plenty of prosciutto and mounds of mouth-watering mozzarella. This is one place that big eaters will feel satisfied, indeed this is the best place to find an Italian equivalent to fast food pizza, except of course the flavours here far exceed those of the mass produced outlets at home. Unsurprisingly the Pizzarium is very popular and its small seating area can fill up almost immediately, so get ready to eat on the go or find a bench to take in this mastery of dough, cheese and more.