Uricchios Trattoria

Uricchios Trattoria

Home of Pizza – Part 1

Although you may regard yourself as somewhat of a pizza connoisseur with a countless number of pizza hut, domino’s and even a handful of pizza express’ under your belt, the likelihood is that you don’t really know what pizza really is like. Real Italian pizza I mean. Of course, we have all filled yourself to overflowing on the indulgent multi layered, jam packed meat feasts that cram cheese on in piles and even have it pouring out of the crust, but alas this is not the way it was intended. If you are visiting the home of pizza, you have to try what it has to offer, but this may require you to throw everything you know about pizza out of the window. Let go of hamburger pizzas, dominator bases and even the omnipresence of cheddar cheese. Open your mind and your mouth to fresh, hand made, stone baked ingredients, applied in moderation and cooked as it was always intended. These places will be sure to make you think twice next time you order.

Di Matteo – Naples

This iconic Pizzaria in Naples is the product of a long line of pizza chefs, Salvatore, who the restaurant is primarily named after is the most recent of the skilled family. Mastering the art of the dough at just thirteen years of age, this pioneer of pizza learned the trade of his family quickly, becoming a master in his own right by the time he reached adulthood. Opening the restaurant that still remains a solo location among a series of chain restaurants Di Matteo promises to give pizza lovers something authentic. With their blue tiled stone baked oven that becomes unmissable in their modest sized, two floor establishment, everything about this place seems right. With classic Italian ingredients coupled with traditional preparation methods, the pizza here is highly rated and has even been good enough for the US president, a feat which they are infinitely proud of.

Pepe In Grani – Caiazzo

On the opposite side of the coin is this much more contemporary palace of pizza. With several elegant and beautifully furnished modern areas to dine in, this place has a sense of high class in everything that it puts forward. Choose from their minimal indoor dining setting or their stone and grey decked garden area, or for a more unforgettable night, book their belvedere hall location. This intimate rooftop setting will have you pulling strings of mozzarella as you watch the sun set over the distant hills and seep into the valley, this is perfect for a romantic date with some dough. Of course, you don’t just come here for the views and the décor, the pizza here is not just tasty but artful. As you will see when your meal is served, the circle on your plate is not simple scattered with ingredients, everything here from the meat to the sauces are all thoughtfully designed to look as good as they taste. Expect dashes of tomato, spirals of spicy sauce, roses of fine hams and more from this top class, award winning pizzeria.