Uricchios Trattoria

Uricchios Trattoria

History in Stone

One the heart of the entire world Rome is famous for many things, which is why Italy has a steady and infinite flow of tourists. Known for not being built in a day as well as paying tribute to some colourful characters and terrifyingly unbalanced deities, the Greek and Roman art and architecture that once covered the land now remains in ruin. Though several structures lay somewhat intact much of the sprawling kingdom that was once here is now dilapidated with only science experts able to tell us what life was previously like here. Still even though the many marvels of the past here have gone into a state of disrepair, it doesn’t stop people from every corner of the world flocking to see the columns, stone platforms and incredible sculptures that still surround the country. The splendor of the land and the feel of the environment can still be experienced by visiting the landmarks here, and these places not only hold relics from the not so forgotten period but also allow you to soak in the scale of the area.

Roman Forum

This place today is a shell of the vibrant centre where many Romans once thrived. The heart of both government and public gatherings, you can see that the densely packed buildings here made for a city teeming with excitement. Celebrations would happen in the streets here as would speeches, fights and elections, this really was the heart of ancient Rome. Today even though many structures are no longer standing the area still feels crowded and the presence of importance is still in the air.

Acropolis of Athens

The name acropolis basically means city at the highest point, which visitors will quickly realise is an apt name for this place. Sitting on a fairly flat topped rock at five hundred feet above sea level this city looks out with great perspective over Athens below. It’s fairly easy to see here that the Greeks picked this spot for a reason and sought to be high above others in both physicality and stature. Many of the buildings here have left a clear outline while some remain standing. Most famously the Parthenon. This rectangular structure supported by columns at each side was a place of worship for many people. It is thought that as new beliefs developed newer gods were worshipped here and the place was essentially refurbished to cater to their new patron. The entire Acropolis is a must see spot however as the sheer mass of stone here shows the hustle and bustle of the past.

Valley of The Temples

This national monument of Italy marks a unique place in its past. The Greek stones that lie here showcase the remains of a collection of temples that once bustled with worshippers from all over. Unlike the churches of monotheistic religions like churches, the Greeks believed in many gods and thus a monument to many different providers and protectors were erected here. Though excavation and study have had to do some legwork for us, its still evident from a visit just how dedicated the worshippers of this time were. Temples, columns and some statues still remain visible for visitors today.