Uricchios Trattoria

Uricchios Trattoria

Gelato, What and Where – Part 2

Gelateria La Carraia

This is a fine example of a great Gelato place; their selection is impressive and the quality will instantly let your tongue know that this isn’t a regular ice cream. Pick from their overflowing scoop trays that harbor not just a vast number of fruity flavours ranging from cool coconuts and refreshing lemons but also a mouth-watering platter of dessert flavours. The reserved may opt for a rich hazelnut or a smooth and sharp coffee but there is no point holding back when there are more interesting and much more indulgent scoops available. Their caramel cream is as silky as you would imagine, whereas their tiramisu has a fluffy whipped cream quality, which is hard to describe, but a delight on the tongue. Here is a fantastic place to sample some flavours that you just wont be able to get at home such as their yoghurt and Nutella, the curious ricotta (yes the cheese) and pear, and even grandmas cake, which will have you not only pleased you made the decision to order it but also enraged that your own grandma doesn’t make gelato. This place is very popular so expect to queue a little if you are visiting, it will all be worth the wait.

Perchè No?

With a name that translates to why not, all of those who enter here should leave their apprehensions and calorie counting at the door. These expert gelato makers have been home making the sweet treat since 1939 and so its not hard to imagine that they know a thing or two about it. Creating these authentic and divine flavours by hand out of only natural ingredients means that you aren’t going to be ingesting any weird chemicals and instead will be receiving added flavour and a much more elegant texture than any soft scoop nonsense back home. Keep in mind though that this means the colours may not be what you are used to seeing, with no E-numbers in sight the vivid greens and reds that typically fill serving cabinets will be absent here, as the natural stuff leaves the mix far less saturated and more, well, natural. Another thing that attracts people to this location particular is that they have some gorgeous non-dairy options available. Vegans or the lactose intolerant can rejoice and get aboard the gelato train thanks to some of the recipes here that are made from soy instead of cow’s milk. With all that said and done it’s the flavours on show that are going to make a place stand out from the crowd, and thanks to their flavour a day here you can try something new on your inevitable return visits. With exciting and flavour rich options like ginger, and pine nuts they also have temptations like apple pie, trifle and even a match green tea to keep up with the cool kids. Both of these shops are found in Florence, the home of Gelato, but visitors will find this addictive dessert all over Italy.