Uricchios Trattoria

Uricchios Trattoria

Films Set in Italy

Italy is popular with the world’s tourists and for the majority of these visitors their first impressions of the country come from the films they have watched that have been made in the country. Italy is a wonderful location to make a film as it has a wide variety of magnificent locations that look good on camera and so many productions have been made.

One of the biggest films to be made in the 1960s was “the Italian Job” starring Michael Cane. The plot involved a group of London criminals robbing gold from an armored vehicle in Turin and then using Mini Cars to escape through the traffic jams of the Italian city.

The Mini trying to avoid Turin traffic

The comedy then shows the gang being pursued by police through the Alps in their attempts to return to Britain. The success of the film resulted in it being reproduced in 2003 with Mark Wahlberg and Donald Sutherland among the star cast.

The country has an unfortunate association with the criminal fraternity as a result of the activities of the Mafia who hail from Sicily. In 1972 “The Godfather was released’ which portrayed the rise of a factional New York crime family into leading the Mafia.

The film starred Marlon Brando and Al Pacino and much of it was filmed in Sicily with the views from the hillsides giving a real Mediterranean feel to the production. The film was such a success that it led to a number of sequels plus other films fed off the theme of the movie.

The landscapes of Italy make the country also a romantic place to visit and many love stories have been filmed in the country. There is not a more famous love story than Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet which was set on the streets of Verona.

The classic tale of Romeo and Juliet

The 2013 release of the film directed by Carlo Carlei and starred Douglas Booth and Hailee Steinfield in the leading roles as two lovers attempted to overcome the restrictions of their warring families. The film was shot on location in Lazio, Rome and Verona.

Another Shakespeare play to have been successfully adapted for film production was “Much ado about Nothing” which was released in 1993. The film’s star studded cast included Kenneth Branagh, Denzel Washington and Emma Thompson as the plot unraveled around love and conflict.

The whole film was shot on location at Villa Vignamaggio near Florence in Tuscany. The spectacular scenery of the region was a major factor in the success of the film when it was later released.

A movie that tries to capture all the political dealings between the Roman Catholic Church, the Italian Government, and the people of Italy is “One: Angels and Demons” that was released in 2009. The plot of the movie involves an ancient brotherhood, the Illuminati who are in conflict with the Vatican in Rome.

The film was shot on location in Rome and the cast included Tom Hanks and Ewan McGregor. The film was so successful that it made almost 500 million dollars around the world.