Uricchios Trattoria

Uricchios Trattoria


Best Tiramisu in Rome

The name of this well-known dessert is actually Italian for ‘pick me up’ which is no doubt a reference to the coffee in here and the fact that this dessert is terribly tasty, meaning it can brighten anyone’s day at any given time. This Italian wonder is primarily made with[…]

The Sights at Vatican City – Part 3

The Raphael Rooms Colloquially known simply as the Stanze (which simply means room) this series of rooms that have become a reception area in one of the public areas of the Vatican; is plastered (quite literally) with images by the famous painter Raphael. Just like many of the rooms and[…]

The Sights at Vatican City – Part 2

St Peter’s Known as Papal Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican, this enormous structure act as a focal point in Vatican City, drawing in the gaze and bodies of those nearby with its immense scale and of course its famously domed roof. Designed by key artists and architects of[…]

The Sights at Vatican City – Part 1

Vatican city is a unique place for so many reasons. Not simply because it is the smallest state in the world, governed and overseen by the leaders of Catholicism, meaning this area that is technically separate from the surrounding environment of Rome is an iconic marker for religion. Where else[…]

MACRO Rome – Part 3

Greg Jager With a skill for creating fun and sharp shapes, the MACRO had Jager design one of the museums walls, which would serve as a place where other exhibits would be displayed. Eager to continue his aesthetic obsession with late 20th century style bold shapes, the squares, parallel lines[…]

Transport in Italy

Italy has, and needs, a successful transport network. It is a long country and relies on millions of tourists arriving in the country every year. However, many of the visitors who visit wish to see a variety of attractions up and down the country, so Italy has needed to provide[…]

MACRO Rome – Part 2

Gonzalo Borondo Showing in November is Gonzalo Borondo’s NON PLUS ULTRA which will undoubtedly catch the eye of visitors as they enter the darkened room and view this wonderfully made piece. Constructed out of 52 glass plates, the double-sided panels show an image of an almost Christ-like pose. Each on[…]

MACRO Rome – Part 1

Rome, the word itself may already be conjuring up the images of a time gone by, of large pale stone buildings and leaders in togas. This isn’t necessarily anyone’s fault and it isn’t even incorrect; indeed all these things did happen here and of course there is a great deal[…]

Home of Pizza – Part 2

Pizzeria da Albert – Trento This highly sought-after place is reassuringly modern while keeping all the great classical aspects right at hand, this tasteful and functional place manages to optimise the old while keeping the tradition of pizza making fully intact. With their fine ingredients and skilled kitchen staff, the[…]

Home of Pizza – Part 1

Although you may regard yourself as somewhat of a pizza connoisseur with a countless number of pizza hut, domino’s and even a handful of pizza express’ under your belt, the likelihood is that you don’t really know what pizza really is like. Real Italian pizza I mean. Of course, we[…]