Uricchios Trattoria

Uricchios Trattoria

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Islands of Italy – Part 1

Italy is breathtaking, but most of its charm can be found in and represented by its islands. Beaches, resorts, volcanoes, historic ruins and cities – everything is there on magnificent shores. So now we will try to lay down some of those beauties, and hopefully it will inspire you to[…]

Italy’s Natural Wonders – Part 1

Its no surprise that the country of Italy entices people from all over the planet to come and spend time within its borders. With a rich culture built around a beautiful backdrop of natural wonder, the mere sight of the place is enough to hook many. Although there are several[…]

Ossuaries, Crypts and Catacombs – Part 2

Chiesa di San Bernardino In Milan this place creates a new definition of a Gothic church. Even from the outside the black arched windows and sloping dark rooftops give it a feel that was reintroduced by classic horror and inside it has even more dark beauty. Inside the walls are[…]

Ossuaries, Crypts and Catacombs – Part 1

If you are loving your time in Italy soaking up the intense sunlight, gorging on fresh ingredients and walking around the bustling cities, you are no doubt present in the moment and are very much engaged in all things that indicate life. Underneath your feet however lie a much bleaker[…]

Italy’s Incredible Mountains – Part 3

For Rafters The clear waters that trickle down the surface of the mountains here develop in to fast flowing rivers which makes them a great location for water sports. There are several rafting clubs up and down the Dolomites where beginners can get orientated on calmer waters and pros can[…]

Italy’s Incredible Mountains – Part 2

For Bikers In early July an annual bike race begins at the village of Villabassa where the South Tyrol Dolomiti Superbike commences. This is the most physically demanding race that takes place in the Dolomites bringing over three thousand expert cyclists to the region to tackle over one hundred kilometers[…]

Italy’s Incredible Mountains – Part 1

When most people think of the landscape of Italy they imagine the steady waters of Venice or rolling green hills full of trees, but one part of this country’s great natural landmarks is it’s mountainous regions. Of course, the iconic and angry Mount Vesuvius pops up from time to time[…]

Go Fresh or Go Home – Part 3

Fruit, Vegetables and Nuts The first thing you may be thinking is tomatoes, which makes sense since these ripe, round red fellows make up some of the best sauces that are spread over pizza bases and slathered over pasta dishes all around the country. Some of the best varieties include[…]

Go Fresh or Go Home – Part 2

Meats Another ingredient that appears in great Italian food almost as often as the omnipresent olive is good quality meat. Although big chunky steaks do exist here the real piece of the puzzle lies in Italy’s cured meats and cold cuts. These thinly sliced strips or circles of meat come[…]

Go Fresh or Go Home – Part 1

There are many things to take advantage of while spending time in Italy, the change in culture and cuisine allow for you to experience something different and authentic and the richest way. The restaurants and street shops here will have your mouth watering with all their local taste assortments. However,[…]