Uricchios Trattoria

Uricchios Trattoria

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Films Set in Italy

Italy is popular with the world’s tourists and for the majority of these visitors their first impressions of the country come from the films they have watched that have been made in the country. Italy is a wonderful location to make a film as it has a wide variety of[…]

Gelato, What and Where – Part 2

Gelateria La Carraia This is a fine example of a great Gelato place; their selection is impressive and the quality will instantly let your tongue know that this isn’t a regular ice cream. Pick from their overflowing scoop trays that harbor not just a vast number of fruity flavours ranging[…]

Definites, Maybes, and Definite Maybes: Who Could Replace Conte?

Putting aside the arguments about whether or not Conte will relinquish, or be relinquished of, his role comes the summer, it is prudent to look at who could replace the Italian. The usual names will be thrown around, along with some more left-field and even some decidedly bizarre ones. In[…]

Gelato, What and Where – Part 1

You may know it as simply ‘Italian Ice Cream’ but Gelato is far more than just a regional variation on the globally adored frozen dessert, in many ways it is far superior to its more well-known cousin. Gelato is lower in fat and although it may not be as healthy[…]

3 Foods You Must Retry in Italy

We often become complacent with the food we eat in our busy lives, often not paying any mind to the meal we are eating or where it comes from. On top of this the fact that many of our cultural representations of foods come from chain restaurants and takeaways is[…]

Ruins Or Ruined?

Rome is well known as Italy’s home of tourism thanks to many of its ancient and tragedy ridden structures that still reside here. But do these darkened artifacts of times gone by really stand up as a place to holiday to? With so much hype surrounding these features including them[…]

Italian Coffee – Why and Where – Part 2

Caffe Quaddri Set among the center of St Mark’s square in Venice is this exquisitely decorated café. Like many of the bars in Italy places that serve great coffee also serve great food, and Café Quaddri is one of those places. The style of this place is key to its[…]

Italian Coffee – Why and Where – Part 1

With terms like cappuccino and espresso on virtually every café menu in the world, it’s probably no surprise that Italy is the home of coffee culture as we know it today. With the first Starbucks opening on the soil only this year, Italians have enjoyed the traditional ways of coffee[…]

Truffles – The Italian Delicacy – Part 3

Life This restaurant and wine bar in Rome has a more modern feel to it. Its monochrome interior purveys style and class and those sitting down to dine here will know that their menu continues this idea. With freshly sourced seafood that includes an abundance of lobster, guests will no[…]

Truffles – The Italian Delicacy – Part 2

So you may not be particularly excited by the idea of trampling through the cold woods, rifling through leaves and dirt with the high possibility that you will return empty handed. That’s perfectly okay. If you want to let somebody else do the hard work and simply want to delve[…]