Uricchios Trattoria

Uricchios Trattoria

Best Tiramisu in Rome

The name of this well-known dessert is actually Italian for ‘pick me up’ which is no doubt a reference to the coffee in here and the fact that this dessert is terribly tasty, meaning it can brighten anyone’s day at any given time. This Italian wonder is primarily made with the sweet sponge biscuits called lady fingers soaked in coffee and topped with mascarpone and chocolate for layers of cream, coffee and cocoa goodness.

But these are not the only ingredients that can be used to create this invigorating sweet treat, just ask the folks at Two Sizes. Simply named after their simplistic size options – big and small – the masters in the kitchen here have a thing for minimalism that shines in their spin on the classic dessert. In the cabinets here are piles of tiramisu stacked on top of each other, the traditional round cakes can easily be eaten on the go too, but its up to you to try and choose between their gorgeously creamy variations. Try the salty sweet peanut butter or the silky caramel, or if you are a nut for nuts there is also a pistachio with a bite of that unique flavour. The options here vary and include more experimental additions that you may not have even thought about such as lemon flavour.

Whichever you choose though, you can’t go wrong as this place is well known as the spot for the best tiramisu in Rome!

You may not even recognise the Tiramisu in Pompi as the different versions they have on their menu come with their well-known artistic flare. The classic coffee flavour is easily seen, this time as a rectangle and topped with a fine coating of chocolate powder, the others however look like entirely different desserts as they step away from the true forms and make beautifully made treats lovingly covered in the best ingredients. Their strawberry flavour will arrive on your petite plate loaded with fresh strawberries on top just as their pistachio comes drizzled in sauce and lined with a dusting of nuts. Here you can clearly see the attention to detail that goes into each and every one of their items, including their pina colada that looks as exotic as it tastes. Those with a sweet tooth and a big appetite will be happy to know that tiramisu isn’t the only option on the menu here at this specialised dessert bar, pastries, gelato and more can all be indulged in here.

Recently celebrating a year of opening, the new kid on the block is Mr 100 Tiramisu. Don’t be fooled by this fresh face though because unlike the other stores which have been around for so long, this guy waves goodbye to the restraints of tradition and opens up a whole new range of flavour for his visitors. If you haven’t guessed, the name of the place comes from the amount of different flavours available here (that’s right one hundred!) and the man himself makes every item with fresh ingredients in the kitchen. So if you are looking for the tiramisu of tomorrow look no further than this ridiculous menu that will have you scratching your head and rubbing your belly.