Uricchios Trattoria

Uricchios Trattoria


Carnival of Venice – Part 3

Attending the Carnival today is just as exciting as it was years ago, obviously it doesn’t come with quite the significant cultural equilibrium, but masked people are still walking the streets and many a party is underway. Now thanks to international tourism and the spread of information via the internet[…]

Carnival of Venice – Part 2

Masks Come in Many Varieties As you know by now the masks of the festival are a key part of tradition and make up probably the most memorable and iconic pictures of the celebration. Despite certain styles being portrayed more often than others, there are actually several different types of[…]

Carnival of Venice – Part 1

What You Need to Know In the lead up to Easter in the UK the most exciting day is Shrove Tuesday – because people make pancakes. In Venice however the historical festival stretches over months and brings back some old and beloved traditions to its townspeople and all those who[…]

More to Milan – Part 3

Milan Has Culture This almost goes without saying as the city has become synonymous with style as the emerging generations continue its legacy as a hub of what’s cool and what’s not. This isn’t a recent creation though as you may guess by the sheer amount of expensive and decadent[…]

More to Milan – Part 2

Milan Has Da Vinci Far from the Duomo on the other end of Milan sits a fairly unsuspecting building, (although if you’ve been to the cathedral everything else may seem bland in comparison) covered outside with vertical strips of white that form bands around its red brick – this is[…]

More to Milan – Part 1

Of the several most popular destinations in Italy; Milan is one that always makes the top of the list. Despite the historical and cultural pulls that bring people from all over the globe to see the remaining structures of Rome or take a trip down the romanticized canals of Venice,[…]