Uricchios Trattoria

Uricchios Trattoria


History in Stone

One the heart of the entire world Rome is famous for many things, which is why Italy has a steady and infinite flow of tourists. Known for not being built in a day as well as paying tribute to some colourful characters and terrifyingly unbalanced deities, the Greek and Roman[…]

Italy’s Natural Wonders – Part 3

Maddalena Archipelago – Sardinia This group of islands that spring from the edge of the already land liberated Sardinia make for an amazing day out or an ideal destination for your entire holiday. Consisting of seven main islands and sprouting several smaller ones this cluster of beautiful little specks of[…]

Italy’s Natural Wonders – Part 2

Lake Como – Lombardy This wondrous natural lake was formed by melting waters of glaciers hundreds of years ago, now you can marvel at the magnificent beauty of this place at your leisure. The lake forms a kind of upside down ‘Y’ shape and stretches out alongside several small towns[…]

Islands of Italy – Part 1

Italy is breathtaking, but most of its charm can be found in and represented by its islands. Beaches, resorts, volcanoes, historic ruins and cities – everything is there on magnificent shores. So now we will try to lay down some of those beauties, and hopefully it will inspire you to[…]

Italy’s Natural Wonders – Part 1

Its no surprise that the country of Italy entices people from all over the planet to come and spend time within its borders. With a rich culture built around a beautiful backdrop of natural wonder, the mere sight of the place is enough to hook many. Although there are several[…]

Ossuaries, Crypts and Catacombs – Part 2

Chiesa di San Bernardino In Milan this place creates a new definition of a Gothic church. Even from the outside the black arched windows and sloping dark rooftops give it a feel that was reintroduced by classic horror and inside it has even more dark beauty. Inside the walls are[…]

Ossuaries, Crypts and Catacombs – Part 1

If you are loving your time in Italy soaking up the intense sunlight, gorging on fresh ingredients and walking around the bustling cities, you are no doubt present in the moment and are very much engaged in all things that indicate life. Underneath your feet however lie a much bleaker[…]